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Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White F 30 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection

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  • Ultrafiltration Complexion Composition 30 Vials
  • Glutathione 1000mg each Vial
  • Ascorbic Acids 1250mg
  • ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acids) 850mg
  • Amino Acids 1250mg
  • Recommended Dosage - 1 Vial Per Day
  • Keep at room temp & avoid from direct sunlight
  • Expiry January 2022

In the last few years, more people have been searching for the Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White F 30 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection. It has become a huge market and it is growing every day. There are many options to choose from these days. People of all ages are interested in this new process of whitening their skin. This is a great number of products in imbms. There is a lot of duplicate Aqua Skin Diamond Skin Whitening Injections that will whiten the skin. These will be easy to buy and the results can be seen in no time. But there are so many side effects that using duplicate products may get with the use of those products. The most common one that comes to mind is a rash.

The good thing is that it will disappear after a few days. The only problem is that it may be difficult to conceal since most people do not like to see this on their skin. This is why they tend to choose fake bleaching products. There are different types of fake bleaching injections that people can't try. They can choose to go with the over-the-counter right for the one that is made for the purpose of bleaching the skin. Those original products can be found at our store.

The Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White F 30 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection are the ones that use natural ingredients. This is because there is a lesser chance of any kind of side effect. The main ingredients that can be used to give this type of product are coal tar and glycerin. You have to be very careful with the use of these ingredients because they can cause harm to your body. You should always check the label of the products you use to make sure that they contain glutathione and glycerin. You can consult your dermatologist if you are having skin sensitivity. If you do not know, you can also ask our skin specialist at imbms.

There are no side effects that you can experience while using imbms Aqua Skin Diamond Skin Whitening Injection. When you are using a product that contains the ingredient called coal tar, you won't get any rashes on your face. If you want to test the product you ask for suggestions from us, you should be careful with the way you use the products. We are having many different kinds of skin whitening injections out there that are used for bleaching the skin. Those all are good products but none of them given any complaints about our products. If you are interested in Buying Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White F 30 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection, do a call or Whatsapp.

Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White F 30 Sessions Skin Whitening Injection has become easily the best quality, high dose, and Glutathione skin whitening formula readily available on the market today. Aqua Skin Diamond Skin Whitening Injection Searching to find the very and effective L-Glutathione formula. Your research results at Aqua Skin Diamond Ultra White Skin Whitening Injection, which comes with high dose L-Glutathione and vitamin C using oral Gluta boosters! Currently being the No 1 selection of spas and skin clinics all around the world, Glutathione helps you maintain l-Glutathione at high degrees inside our bodies, even whenever you're not undergoing any skin treatment.

Made in Origin Country: Switzerland
Recommended Dosage:
Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) Once a week.
For better result contact your Doctor
Not Suitable For:
- Breast feeder.
- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).
- Pregnant woman
- Patient with cardiovascular problem
** The result depends on individual metabolism

What's the variation within a milligram (mg), microgram (mcg), and an International Unit (IU)? While the metric order, 

1000 milligrams (mg) is a unit of volume equal to 1 gram 

1000 micrograms (mcg) is equal to 1 milligram (mg)

1 IU is the organic equivalent of 0.025 mcg 

Cholecalciferol or Ergocalciferol.