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Gluta c Intense Whitening SPF 25 Facial Day Cream

Gluta c Intense Whitening SPF 25 Facial Day Cream. Skin Whitening cream Online for men and women. Results-oriented gluta c intense whitening products India

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  • Multi Action SPF 25 Whitening Day Cream
  • Net Weight 30ml
  • Use Only Day
  • Protected with Security Seal
  • Use for Men & Women
  • Not use for Childrens age should be above 15 Years

Gluta c Intense Whitening SPF 25 Facial Day Cream

A perfectly radiant and spotless face is a dream for everyone. Gluta c Intense Whitening SPF 25 Facial Day Cream with Grapeseed Extract plus Vitamin C is an excellent skin whitening cream that allows deep penetration of its ingredients through the layers of the skin. The skin treatment experts have certified this fairness beauty cream to be one of the most effective ways of keeping dullness and wrinkles away from your face.

Gluta C Intense Whitening SPF 25 is just one of Gluta C anti-aging products that promise to boost an individual's natural skincare ability. The quantity of active ingredient isn't significantly high, making it a less powerful skin whitener cream. It's likewise a non-prescription solution, therefore it could only be bought from decorative shops and via pharmacies. But a couple of side effects were detected within our short term testing.

To begin, we consumed the whole tube of this Gluta C Intense Whitening SPF 25 and utilized one program daily on our faces. Even though it gave great results throughout the first two weeks, after the next day, there was some discoloration which was irregular and not that noticeable. To prevent this, we could lower its use before the symptoms subside. It's also important to be aware that our test subject had a response to another ingredient from the Gluta C Intense Whitening SPF 25 and that's hydroquinone. Aside from that, the cream tested positive for the next minor consequences:

Intense Yellow: The yellowish tint which appears on the face during using the cream is really an excess of melanin. Hence, some folks would say that the impact of this cream is a bit too intense. This may be repaired by adding greater whitening representatives in the cream. Aside from that, an individual may also use sunblock every day as a replacement.

It's been analyzed and demonstrated that the cream includes hydroquinone which may possibly increase the warmth of somebody's skin whilst using the cream. It should also be mentioned that this could be prevented by using gloves to use the cream.

This cream is chiefly employed for anti-aging functions and should therefore be implemented only to skin that's usually appearing clear and young-looking. A person who uses the item regularly might have a strange reaction that's precisely why they should first consult with a dermatologist. This is also useful if you're using different kinds of anti-aging products in your face area. Gluta C may also be used for those who have migraines, but these responses are infrequent and temporary.

The components at Gluta C are all organic, making them safe to be used. One that has sensitive skin must therefore avoid using this cream. For people who have allergies, it's ideal to wait till the allergy has skyrocketed before utilizing Gluta C. Gluta C comes with a risk as it includes hydroquinone. This material was banned in certain European and U.S. countries on account of the simple fact that too much exposure can be detrimental.

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  • It moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • It helps in lightening of dark circles, removal of the sign of aging and removal of traces of pigmentation
  • This night cream makes the skin fairer and brighter over time
  • It suppresses the formation of acne blemish and pimples
  • This cream improves the skin moisture level
  • It supports nourishment and firming of the skin
  • It minimizes pores and improves skin complexion

Country Of Origin: The product is from the Philippines

Recommended Dosage

It must be applied in a thin layer every day on the face.


This product might not be suitable for people with demagogically sensitivities. Consult your doctor before using.