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Glutax 500gs White Reverse Skin Whitening 10 Sessions Injection

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  • Ingredients:
  • Ultrafiltration Glutathione 500g
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 700mg
  • Epidermal Growth factor 2000mg
  • Kojic Acid 500mg
  • Pro-Coenzyme Q10 600mg
  • Cinnamomum subavenium 325mg
  • Multivitamin 3500mg
  • Natural collagen 800mg
  • Selenium 600mg
  • Caviar Nutrition Stem Cell 220mg

Considered the number one choice of spas and skin clinics all over the world, Glutax 500gs White Reverse Skin Whitening 10 Sessions Injection is the most high quality, high dose and Glutathione skin whitening formula available in the market today. Glutax 500gs White Reverse Skin Whitening 10 Sessions Injection looking for the most and effective L-Glutathione formula. Your search ends at Glutax 500gs White Reverse Skin Whitening 10 Sessions Injection, which comes with high dose L Glutathione and Vitamin C with oral Gluta boosters! Being the No 1 choice of spas and skin clinics all over the world, Glutax helps you maintain l-Glutathione at high levels in your body, even when you are not undergoing any skin treatment.

Glutax 500gs White Reverse Skin Whitening Injection is a skin lightening product of the renowned firm called DermaNew Microdermabrasion Systems. The item has the capacity to get rid of all your darker spots and provide you a healthy, luminous, younger-looking skin. Glutax 500gs white reverse skin whitening injection is not only utilized to treat dark spots, but also to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles to give you a younger and beautiful skin. Glutax 500gs helps from the stimulation of a higher volume of collagen and elastin tissues to rejuvenate skin to its initial glowing condition. Additionally, it works well for people who have a low degree of hydration in their own skin. This is mainly because of the fact that the collagen breakdown is quicker in the case of people having low levels of hydration in their skin.

Glutax 500gs white reverse skin whitening injection assists by providing more nutrients into the skin through the stimulation of the enzymes, which exist in the outer layer of skin. Glutax has been used since several years in countries like Japan, New Zealand, Europe and now it is used in the United States of America. It is also used in a number of other Asian countries like Korea, Malaysia, China and many others.

One of the most significant ingredients of Glutax which makes it successful for skin lightening is the patented extract from Japanese knotweed plant. Glutax also contains Vitamin B complex, which helps in keeping the degree of collagen in skin. Glutax has also incorporated some organic ingredients which help improve the production of melanin in the skin, which causes the colour of their skin to fade.

Glutax is also a great skin care product for most individuals suffering from acne and rosacea. This product can help to decrease the redness of the skin problems and at precisely the exact same time, it is effective for curing acne. Glutax also includes an extract from red wine grape, that has been used for several years in the treatment of diabetes. Glutax can be taken as a nutritional supplement and is also safe to use.

Consequently, if you would like to obtain a Glutax product, you must always check the ingredients and be certain they are safe to use. Glutax doesn't contain any harmful ingredients and its efficacy cannot be questioned. The only thing that you need to look out for is that the reactions of other individuals to the item. Just buy Glutax 500gs white reverse skin whitening injection 10 sessions that contain natural ingredients.

Made in Origin Country: Italy

Recommended Dosage:

Intravenous IV Infusion (Drip) Once a week.

For better result contact your Doctor

Not Suitable For:

- Breast feeder.

- Allergy to vitamin (any kind).

- Pregnant woman

- Patient with cardiovascular problem

** The result depends on individual metabolism

What's the variation within a milligram (mg), microgram (mcg), and an International Unit (IU)? While the metric order, 

1000 milligrams (mg) is a unit of volume equal to 1 gram 

1000 micrograms (mcg) is equal to 1 milligram (mg)

1 IU is the organic equivalent of 0.025 mcg 

Cholecalciferol or Ergocalciferol.