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Microblading treatment per session

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Microblading treatment

Microblading is a term used by skin whitening professionals to describe their famous eyebrow treatment. Microblading uses a pulsating light energy source that is applied directly to the skin around the eyebrows. This treatment can be done at home or in the medical office. The two ways of doing microblading, although very similar, have some very different differences. Let us consider these differences between the two:

Microblading therapies work on the same basic principle. A low level laser (excimer) acts on the skin layer (stratum corneum), which stimulates the hair follicles and causes hair to fall out or break. This treatment temporarily thinns the skin of the eyebrows, creating a ripple effect that helps to draw the eyebrows together. Microblading uses a different type of stimulus to achieve this result. To complete the microblading process, the doctor uses special handpieces to gently press and mold small crystals on the skin of the patient's eyebrows. Each crystal is used to touch a small area on the forehead. Since this procedure takes eighteen to twenty-four months, it is important for the patient to have his or her eyebrows done every six to eight weeks. This is to allow the body to make new collagen for the treatment to be effective.

The first difference with having microblading on tattooed eyebrows is that the tattoo eyebrow method lasts only six months to two years. After this period the skin begins to grow back and there is no additional growth for at least two years. Microblading treatment, on the other hand, rejuvenates the eyebrow skin for an additional eighteen to twenty-four months. While this may not seem like much time, the amount a patient with microblading gets. It also has the added benefit of not requiring a long recovery period. Microblading can be very difficult and cause eyebrow scarring, but it also has a much longer recovery time. The microblading process is more painful than the tattoo because the skin is constantly damaged by pulsating light pulses. Also, since this is a more sophisticated procedure, patients should pay close attention to their diet and lifestyle to keep their eyebrows in shape even after the procedure is completed. With microdermabrasion treatments the skin does not heal but recovers. A patient should expect to see a very defined line between the recovery area and the scar if he or she does not follow the recommended diet and lifestyle guidelines.

Microblading carries its dangers because anyone who has tried to get a tattoo or tweak through their eyebrows knows. Microblading makes your eyebrows look more sensitive because it involves less work, but it can also lead to infection if the doctor is not careful. Aftercare for microblading is minimal, but the patient should take care to clean and treat his or her eyebrows after each session. The best advice Lee gives his patients is to keep their eyes clean by wiping off any bacteria on their faces or hands before they go to sleep. They also stressed the importance of sunscreen and aftercare products for anyone who wants to try this type of skin whitening.

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