Vitamin C Can It success in Recovery From Corona Virus

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Vitamin C Can It success in Recovery From Corona Virus

Vitamin C Can It success in Recovery From Corona Virus

  • Aug 11, 2020
  • Bhuvan S Kumar

High Dose Vitamin C Can It success in Recovery From Corona Virus?

Vitamin C For Corona

The interest news now days using high doses of vitamin C as a Corona treatment in middle of the year 2020. when it was discovered that certain properties of the vitamin C could be toxic to Corona virus. Today's Vitamin C Gave good results in Human Bodies. 

Well-designed, randomized, controlled trials of vitamin C find such benefits in people with Corona virus. Despite the lack of evidence, some alternative medicine practitioners continue to prescribe high doses of vitamin C for Corona Treatment. Recently, it has been found that vitamin C given intravenously has different effects. This has sparked interest in the use of vitamin C as a Corona virus. 

There is no evidence yet that vitamin C alone can cure Covid 19, but researchers are studying whether it can increase the effectiveness of Corona treatments. Large, controlled clinical trials showing the significant effect of vitamin C on Corona are not yet available, but some preliminary studies suggest that combining standard treatments with high-dose vitamin IV may be premature, until clinical trials are complete to determine the role of vitamin C in Corona treatment.

Vitamin C is a popular food item today, and due to better access to fruits, vegetables and vitamin supplements, cure from corona. However, it should be noted that a significant number of people are still vitamin C deficient, even in developed countries. For example, about 7% of the US population has a plasma vitamin C content of less than 11 µM, which is considered scurvy. Vitamin C has a well known role as an antioxidant as well as many important functions in our body. Therefore, prolonged exposure to sub-optimal vitamin C exposure may have adverse health effects, leading to a wide range of diseases. In fact, the dose needed to increase the health dose of vitamin C has been debated since it was discovered over a century ago.

Encouraged by the result, Some of The Countries to conduct clinical trials involving terminal Corona patients. in August 10th Medpage Today American News published a study of 74 old woman patient with Novel Corona treated with Vitamin C. Although the study was Very well designed by Clinical Reports, mainly because they lacked the placebo-control group, the results demonstrated that patients treated with vitamin C had improved quality of Anti oxidents. In a follow up Clinical Reports 40% of vitamin C-treated Covid patients survived for more than 2 weeks compared to only 0.4% of control patients. A clinical trial in Russia independently showed a similar result. With these promising outcomes, interest in the potential of vitamin C for Corona Revover. However, double-blind randomized clinical trials directed by So many countries to show any positive effects of high dose vitamin C in Volunteers.