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Glutathione can prevent the corona virus

Glutathione can prevent the corona virus

  • Mar 01, 2020
  • Bhuvan S Kumar

Glutathione can prevent the corona virus (Covid 19)?

Coronavirus (Covid 19) .. Many people are Afraiding when the name is mentioned. These attacks are increasing day by day. No matter how many precautions are taken, some people have coronavirus (Covid 19) symptoms. The corona is now flourishing in the Indian states. Let us now know what precautions should be taken to prevent such a virus.
Virus Symptoms...
Its characteristics are different. Depending on how serious you are at each time. Not only are people suffering from colds and lung problems, but they also have some symptoms.
* Cold
* Headaches
* Cough
* Knee pains
* Fever
* full ill
About the Coronavirus (Covid 19)
A coronavirus(Covid 19) is a group of viruses. In a few words, some coronaviruses(Covid 19) spread to animals only, but some viruses also affect humans. Respiratory infections may arise. The same effect can cause many other health problems, such as pneumonia. There are many harmful insects.
How it spreads…
Experts say there are several reasons for the spread of coronavirus(Covid 19). It is important to have a clear understanding of some of them. Let's see now.
* This virus usually spreads from one human to another.
* It also spreads through coughing and sneezing.
* This virus can spread if there is physical contact. Shaking hands can also spread the disease.
* After touching a virus-containing substance, it then spreads without touching the body parts.
* To say the least by feces.

Can the Corona virus(Covid 19) be prevented by Glutathione formula

Efforts to treat the coronavirus (Covid 19) virus in humans are still ongoing. Scientists & Doctors are finding Vaccines for the Carona virus(Covid 19) from Different formulas. Glutathione also is a medical formula for anti Bacteria & killing Viruses on the human body & increasing Immune System. We can't tell the exact point Doctors can make or not vaccine from Glutathione. But it can reduce the risk by preventing it from increasing your immune system. 
Apart from all make a regular mandate Habit of:
* Wash hands with soap or hand wash liquid from time to time at least every hour.
* Do not touch the eyes, nose, and mouth without washing your hands.
* Don’t do Hand Shake.
* Keep minimum 3 feet distance.
* Avoid gathering together max people.
* Wear mask where crowded area.
* Immediate care should be taken when feeling unwell.
* Keep your surroundings clean at all times.
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