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When womens conditions do not improve society does not improve

When womens conditions do not improve society does not improve

  • Mar 08, 2020
  • Bhuvan S Kumar

IMBMS Wishes to all women for women’s International celebratingday

When women's conditions do not improve society does notimprove.

- Swami Vivekananda

JAYAHO JAYANETRI... Wishes to All women for World Women'sDay.

Everything will be changing all the time. Except for our attitude towards women. Aayokti is the goddess Tatra goddess. This means that there are gods wherever women worship. But in today's circumstances, rape culture is a concern for a woman who is supposed to be a goddess. Female equality is half of the structure of society and the source of our progress.Under the same slogan, the United Nations celebrates the International Women'sDay on March 8.

Women in society proceed to be independent and self-sufficient,able to provide for themselves financially sustainable living opportunities and proceed to inform the world of the power of women. Women in many fields such as Education, medicine, business, politics, sports, banking, aerospace, and technology are moving up towards women's empowerment. Their role in the full utilization of human resources is also important.

The field is giving out to the most leading heights of the male power. Men are extra successful than they are at home. As the poet says,"Karyeshu Dasi... Karaneshu Mantri... Bhojyeshu Matha... Sayaneshu Ramba" does not exist in every Men victory without a woman's role. This International Women's Day is a bitter pellet for the women of our country.Wherever the female energy is disclosed. There is no end to the crimes on women who challenge the social awareness and social responsibility of the member states. No subject how strict laws are brought in to manage them, they are exhausted. The causes for this must be recognized. Vision must be alert and step forward overcoming obstacles. JAYAHO ... Janayitri

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